Get to Know Our Volunteers: Shirley Pierce

Shirley Pierce is the volunteer team lead at ClothingWorks in London, Ontario. She’s a former teacher with a passion for volunteer work, and Shirley has been working with the ClothingWorks program for 5 years. She began by donating to the program, and eventually inquired about becoming a volunteer when ClothingWorks moved to Goodwill.

Shirley is a dedicated and passionate advocate for the ClothingWorks program. She works hard to make sure that it runs smoothly for both volunteers and customers. She enjoys her role because it allows her to further develop her customer service skills, and it gives her the opportunity to give back to the community through fashion. Her volunteer work has taught her not take for granted the opportunities and resources that she has access to. Shirley is excited about the potential for ClothingWorks to expand its services in the future. She hopes to continue to be a part of the program for a long time.