How to get out of a Style Rut

Have you ever walked to your closet, opened it up and all you could think is “I have nothing to wear.” If this thought process is happening daily perhaps you are in a style rut. A style rut occurs when you are no longer inspired or excited to style yourself. If you wear something that makes you feel good, then it can help you feel better. Even if you feel nervous inside, wearing clothes that make you feel confident can help you fake it till you make it. The act of dressing can become a ritual of self-love. It doesn’t have to be stressful or make you feel bad about yourself.

There are many opinions on what you should or shouldn’t wear. The only one who knows what feels right is you. Everyone may be wearing rompers but if you feel uncomfortable in them, you don’t have to follow the trend. Trends can help give you an idea of a colour or cut that could be fun to try but don’t feel like you have to only follow what others think is in. If you walk down the street and admire someone’s outfit, chances are they are not exclusively following a trend. Trends are meant to guide not dictate. Personal style is what looks good on you and showcases all of your best attributes while making you feel good in the process. They can perhaps incorporate one trend that works for them but how they put their outfit together is their own unique touch. Trends come and go but style is constant.

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What is causing your rut? Are you feeling uninspired or are your clothes just not fitting quite right? You might need to take a moment and think about your feelings and figure out what is causing this thought process. While you’re reflecting think about what could make you feel better or make dressing less of a chore and make it fun. If you’re feeling too rushed in the morning perhaps choose your outfit the night before that way, when it comes to getting dressed you already have the decision making out of the way. If your closet is messy that could also make dressing a headache. If this is the case then spend a day reorganising that way when you do dress, it is easier to see what you have instead of having to claw through piles to find something that works. If you are feeling down about yourself and dressing is making you feel worse remember every body is beautiful and there is no one perfect body. We are all made unique and we should embrace our bodies. They show where we have been and our story. Look for pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t force yourself in something that is too tight or doesn’t feel right. No article of clothing is worth you feeling bad. Anything that is making you feel weighed down get rid of it. If you open your closet and see items that you don’t like, then you won’t want to dress. When you surround yourself with clothes that make you happy, it will make getting dressed a self-love practice.


Once you feel organised and ready to find that style spark its time to find inspiration. Go through and see what you love in your wardrobe. That can create an idea what you already like. Once you have that idea, look at some individuals whom you love their style. Find a bunch of photos and either create a collage or a photo album. When you look at the photos figure out why you like their style and how you would describe it. Our tastes change and instead of bold colours perhaps your drawn more towards muted tones. Change is totally ok and personal style evolves naturally. Sometimes we become a little out of sync with what we are wearing and it takes us some time to figure out what has changed and what feels good now. I would love to hear how you describe your personal style in the comments below. Alma