Finding your Style

In previous blog posts I talked about style and having a personal style. In this post I want to expand on this idea because it can be a daunting task to figure out what you like. Sometimes you can have an idea in your head and when it comes to trying it on, it just doesn’t work or fit right. A great starting point is looking at your body and seeing if it fits into a body type. Now when it comes to body types, I really want to stress that there is absolutely no one “perfect” type. These are merely suggestion on what can feel good and enhance what you already have.

different body types

I’m going to talk about four body types: rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass and pear. The body types also are not specific to height or size, they merely go into the how are you proportioned in comparison to your body.  The first body type I’m going to go into is rectangle.

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The body type names tend to sound a little funny but a rectangle body type is when you tend to be evenly proportioned and straight. With a rectangle body type you can have fun with patterns and colour.  You could do a bold jacket or try high waisted flowing pants if you want to create separation from top and bottom.  Another aspect you could play around with is volume like ruffles or a floaty peasant top because it won’t overwhelm your frame.  There are so many amazing style icons you could look too. Jane Birkin has such a timeless style that could be a really great to look for inspiration. I also think Bianca Jagger also someone to look at.

Bianca JaggerJane BirkinJane BirkinBianca Jagger

Inverted Triangle is when your shoulders and top half are stronger than your bottom. With inverted triangle you can really have fun with pants. You could do a bold pant with a simpler top. For tops I would look to soft flowing tops or a great button down in more neutral tones and then you can go colourful with the pant. Don’t be afraid of trying dresses. Sheath dresses with look incredible on you as well as button down dresses. For style inspiration look at Diane Keaton, she is a true queen of the bold pant and she really creates an incredible look

Diane KeatonAlessandra AmbrosioSheath Dressbutton down dress

Hourglass is probably the term we have heard the most. It is when your smallest part is your waist thus creating the hourglass image. Since your middle is your smallest part you can really define it by wearing tops that cinch there. Too many loud patterns could potentially overwhelm you so if you mix bold colour and prints it could potentially be too much. A bold colour dress can be striking and body-forming skirts will always look incredible on you. For classic inspiration Sophia Loren knows how to dress in that chic Italian way. Ashley Graham has great style and I totally recommend checking out her Instagram.

Sophia LorenBlair WaldorfAshley Graham

The last but certainly not least, is the pear shape. This is when your bottom half is larger than your top half. Since your top half is smaller you can wear off the shoulder tops and really find shirts with interesting details. High waisted tops will show off your waist and don’t be afraid of a floaty trouser that is either flared or straight leg. The obvious style inspiration would be Kim Kardashian and she really brings the athleisure trend to life.

plaid off the should crop topblack trousers, yellow sweaterKim Kardashian

I want to reiterate that there is no one “perfect” body type and anyone can wear any of the clothing items that I listed above. These are just ideas that could especially work with that type. Find what works for you and own it. All of our bodies are beautiful. If you have any comments please leave them below.

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