Fall Fashion Forecast

Summer feels like it has not been here long enough but somehow we are now firmly in the middle of August. Once August is here,we begin the transition into the fall. The beginning of fall reminds me of new years. As the seasons change, it allows us to have some time to reflect on what we want to achieve in the coming months. It’s a fresh start and our wardrobe can reflect that. I don’t believe that for every new season you have to completely redo your wardrobe. All you need is some new inspiration to rework pieces you already have. There are five different styles that you have experiment with. You might find one that really fits with your style, or maybe you want to try out something new. I hope these styles inspire your fall wardrobes. Please comment what you are looking forward to trying.

Simple and Clean:

This look is understated chic at its best. Think of tailored pieces in neutral tones. Phoebe Philo from Céline is an excellent example of this style. Minimal doesn’t have to be boring; this style can play with structure, fabric and size. Caroline Bessette-Kennedy did this so well, I recommend looking her up and seeing her outfits for inspiration. Try working on pieces like tailored pants, large woolly sweaters and black boots can really create a look.

celine lookCaroline Bessette-KennedyPhoebe Philo

The British Invasion:

The UK has had so many incredible style movements. For this style I think of trench coats, checked blazers and shiny black loafers. I think this look is sharp and classic. Burberry is a huge place for inspiration. This style doesn’t have to feel stuffy, you can blend these more tailored pieces with a soft t-shirt or even a band tee. The UK punk and teddy boys always push to take conventional clothes and make them subversive.

Burberry CampaignMissguided Black Loafersburberry runway

The 2000s are Back:

Early 2000s doesn’t feel like it has been that long ago but you know it has been some time when fashion has been in style, goes out and then comes back. Now some people might be cringing at returning back to that style period, but do not fear, it doesn’t mean that everything from that style moment is back. Think about baby tees, more straight leg pants, one shouldered shirts and velour. These ideas might seem bad but it’s all about reincorporating one element and making it feel current. Baker boy hats are back and since its an accessory, it can be a baby step into trying this style on. I would look to Nelly Furtado and Kali Uchis for inspiration.

kali uchisBlack UO one shouldered topNelly Furtado

Classic meets Sportswear:

The athleisure trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Think of this style like the older sibling of Athleisure, its blends more casual elements with tailored work wear pieces. Try wearing a cool sneaker with a blazer or a hoodie and pants. This is all about blending the two so don’t worry about getting it perfect. This one is more experimental and I would look to street style to find influences.

athleisurehoodie and workwearBella Hadid Blazer

70s Dark Glamour:

This is not the hippy style that has been very prevalent over the years. Think of lace, black velvet, red, billowy sleeves and hats. Stevie Nicks is a huge inspiration for this style. Its taking more floaty clothing and giving it a little edge. It is dramatic and perfect for when it’s starting to get a little cooler.

Stevie Nicksdark red lipAHS COVEN