Earth Week Donation Drive

With Earth Day fast approaching, Goodwill and ClothingWorks have partnered with Westmount Shopping Centre once again for a special Earth Week donation drive!

From April 18th – 22nd, 2022 stop by Westmount Shopping Centre to donate your gently used clothing, accessories and business attire. Our team will be on hand daily and donations can also be made after hours.

Can’t make it to Westmount?  During Earth Week, you can also donate at the 255 Horton St E Goodwill Donation Centre, 1225 Wonderland Rd N Goodwill Donation Centre (at Sherwood Forest Mall), the 1165 Oxford St E Goodwill Donation Centre, and the 765 Hyde Park Rd Goodwill Donation Centre.  Be sure to mark your box/bag for ClothingWorks and/or tell the donation attendant!