Dress for Confidence: Dressing for your Interview

September is an exciting and transitional time. Job interviews can happen all the time but the start of the fall is a great time to refresh and go over how to dress for an interview.

If you are thinking about what are you going to wear for your interview, first congratulations are in order. It’s wonderful that you have gotten through the first process. When you go in for your interview, you want your clothes to be an expression of who you are and you want to be able to focus on the task at hand without worrying about your clothes. You also don’t want your outfit to be distracting to your potential new boss. Overall a great first impression is ideal and your outfit will help you feel good about the whole experience.

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When you are deciding what to wear first think about the place and job that you are interviewing for. Dressing for a corporate job verses dressing for an outdoor job is very different. There are some rules to go by regardless of the place. Always come clean and presentable. You don’t want your first impression to be impeded by how you dressed. It’s all about looking appropriate. If you are just getting back into interviewing, Goodwill Industries and ClothingWorks have incredible resources that are available to use, if you want to check them out you can find out information on the website https://goodwillindustries.ca or  www.clothingworks.ca .

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I will give some ideas of what you can dress in different environments. My advice is to always do your research on the dress code . If you first have an idea of what is expected then you can figure out what could work. If you are applying for a job that has a specific dress code (ex. The healthcare field or a laboratory) follow the requirements and when in doubt go simple with a button down shirt or blouse and dress pants.

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Corporate Environment:

Since this is a very professional environment, you will want to dress accordingly. Depending on the place you could have some creative freedom like wearing a turtleneck or a button down; you could also wear a blazer with dress pants. You could do neutral colours like black, navy or grey, and if you are able to you could also play with patterns like Check. There are lots of options to choose from.

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Retail Environment:

This can depend on whether you are interviewing for a clothing retailer. Sometimes they want to see your personal style within their dress code. When in doubt make sure its professional. Dress pants are recommended and you could maybe play with different cuts or patterns. You could also play with your top, as long as it’s a dress top you could try a pattern.

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Restaurant Environment:

Make sure that your shoes and clothes are food safe. And from then see what you can dress, some are a little more casual and others can be more formal.

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I hope this advice works and I wish you all the best on your interview. At the end of the day,your outfit should not be an extra stressor. There are so many aspects to think about that your clothes shouldn’t worry you. As long as you aren’t wildly inappropriate, no one will be totally focused on how you dress. Your outfit is simply an extra to make you feel confident and ready to take the interview on.

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