Colour your Style

Colour, it can bring nerves to the boldest of dressers. It is pivotal to not only our wardrobe but also to the world we live in. Colour can evoke memories, emotions and even regulate us. The colours we chose can help to express who we are and tell our story. Colours can influence how we dress, with each season magazines claim a colour of the season and even Pantone chooses a colour of the year to be the most popular. There are trendy shades that pop up everywhere and then fade away but for the most part colour is timeless. It is completely up to personal preference and what feel the best for you.

The rainbow is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. (I do personally include pink even though it’s considered as a shade to some and not a colour) The warm colours are red, orange and yellow. The cool colours are Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. (You can put cool or warm undertones on all colours but these are the basic distinctions)  There are countless articles that advise the reader on what colour best suits their skin tone, eye colour, hair etc. however I do believe that the best opinion on what works is your own.

Pantone colour tones

Within colours there are shades to choose from. Jewel tones are rich in hue and striking. Think of teal, paprika, magenta and olive. Pastels are soft and gentle. When you think of pastels imagine colours of pistachio, lilac, periwinkle and lemon yellow. If you have ever tried a colour and it didn’t work for you, maybe try a different shade. (For example if you have never been a fan of green because you once work a moss green top perhaps try a brighter colour like Kelly green) Think of it like dressing up when you were a kid. By trying on wild colours, that you would have never otherwise picked, you might find out that green really can look amazing on you. Experimenting is the best form of creation and have fun with it. Definitely if you have some time, go to the thrift store and explore all the colours. It’s a great way to try colours on and the thrift store has an amazing variety of shades.

Previous colours of the year

If you ever feel stuck about colour look around you and find some inspiration. Colour is all around us and especially in summer, nature is in full bloom. Neutrals are very popular at the moment; it seems like that colour trend is the lack thereof. If you’re hesitant about trying colour, try to slowly incorporate it in a neutral outfit. Using colour as an accent can introduce colour without feeling like you’re jumping off the deep end. (Perhaps try a coloured pair of shoes or a hat)

a girl holding a bouquet of flowers

Colour can influence our moods. If you love the colour purple or feel invigorated by orange use that to your advantage. If you have a huge meeting or you’re feeling in a fashion rut, wear a colour you love. It’s a little choice but it can really change how you feel. Don’t be afraid of a little experimentation and if you find out that mauve really doesn’t work for you, have a laugh and not wear it again. I would love to know what colours you love and how they make you feel, and comment down below. Also if you have a funny colour story leave it below too, I love to read your thoughts