Summer Confidence

We are now officially in July, which means summer is in full swing. Flowers are in full bloom and kids are gleefully out of school. With the warm weather comes lighter layers, and bathing suit season. There is nothing quite as refreshing as going for a swim on a hot summers’ day. The change in weather can also bring up feelings of insecurity. In this article I want to talk about confidence and embracing our bodies just as they are.

Fashion campaigns and magazines are starting to include diversity but it is still a slow start. The majority of photo shoots still show a tall leggy model, which does not represent the majority of the population. In contrast to this standard is the movement of self-love and embracing all body types. The relationship with our bodies is complex, each scar and bump is a testimony of our experiences. Even if you look in the mirror and you’re not happy,try to find 3 things to compliment your body on. Self-love is a practice for each and every day. Even if you don’t have a great day, don’t be hard on yourself. Each day is a fresh start.

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Choosing to wear what you love, is a practice for loving your body. One of the best ways to find confidence is to wear something that uplifts you and makes you feel good. Any item of clothing that doesn’t fit right or makes you uncomfortable should be donated. Also if you have clothes that are too small or big, those shouldn’t stay in your wardrobe. If you open up your closet and see items that just don’t work, it can make you feel less motivated and reluctant to chose outfits. It is incredible how much of a difference it is having a closet where you know everything works for you and your body. You don’t have to have a huge wardrobe for summer, as long as you have a couple great pieces, you can mix and match.

Don’t worry about others. Feeling self-conscious of what other people are thinking, is not exclusive to the summer, but it can increase questions like; “Is anyone looking at me?” and “Are they judging me?” It is impossible to know someone else’s thoughts, so don’t spend time or energy wondering. The truth is most people are so busy and caught up in their lives that no one is focused on giving judgments. Anyways you wearing a pair of shorts are not going to offend anyone; people get that its hot outside. So,the next time you head out, instead of worrying about the opinions of others, do something to make yourself feel good. Feel the warmth of the sun, listen to the birds or make yourself a nice refreshing drink. Self-love isn’t something that can be changed in an instant but the more you do little steps to believe in yourself, the less you’ll get in the habit about worrying about others.

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Look for positive body inspiration. There are incredible women and men who are championing the positive body movement. There are women like Ashley Graham who encourage women to embrace the body they are in. There are books, magazines, and socials that help to find that belief. Find medias that make you feel better instead of worse. Think of it like how we view food, you wouldn’t want to put something that doesn’t make you feel good in your body so why would you do the same with your mind. When you surround yourself with inspiration that uplifts you, it really makes a difference. If you want to leave any quotes you find inspiring or tips that work for you, please leave them below. Alma