ClothingWorks Re-Opening on March 14th

We are so pleased to announce that the ClothingWorks program will be re-opening and accepting referrals starting on March 14th, 2022 and in-store after hours appointments starting in April 2022! Our booking App, Time Tap will be active with open appointments by March 7th, 2022.

Please set a reminder if you have clients waiting to be referred, as we anticipate a great deal of interest and appointments will be limited initially.
Our goal as always is to provide the best service and experience for our wonderful clients. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, we have instituted some safety measures to protect our volunteers, Goodwill team members, and clients we serve.
All clients will be required to wear a mask and have their temperature taken upon arrival for their appointment and will be asked to put on a new mask, which will be provided. Clients will receive two complete outfits including shoes & accessories along with style tips and assistance in putting several outfits together, which are suitable for the type of job they are pursuing.
If clients have any special needs (for example – uniform style clothing or shoes (steel toe, slip resistant, winter coats, spring Jackets etc.) please add these details to the note section when submitting the referral or send an email directly to,prior to appointment. All extra items are subject to availability.
We have introduced ‘CW Interview Approved’, a new pilot to the ClothingWorks program, currently located in our Horton Community store. This section offers carefully selected, clearly tagged items, specifically for job interviews or work, in a range of sizes for all genders at low cost. The goal of ‘CW Interview Approved’ is to increase accessibility for our clients and address the last minute or unforeseen circumstances that can occur outside of the formal wardrobe consultations. Shoppers can come into the Horton Community store, access these items and confidently select ‘CW Interview Approved’ tagged items to be dressed and ready for work.
One benefit is that clients have access to ‘CW Interview Approved’ items seven days a week, during store hours. They do not need to schedule an appointment and can shop as their schedule allows.
We look forward to getting back to providing our service to our wonderful partners and clients and truly appreciate your patience and support as we safely transition.
Your comments and feedback are welcomed and can be sent to or through our website.
Thank you,
Carol-Ann McIntyre
ClothingWorks Program Coordinator