A New Chapter

Welcome to the New ClothingWorks Blog!

Hello to everyone who is reading this. In this new chapter ClothingWorks is about to take a more active role, but before I delve into the big announcement, I would like to take a look back at the history of this program. ClothingWorks is an incredible program that began in 1998 by Mrs. Beth Girvan and Diane Wall. ClothingWorks expanded and was eventually taken over by Goodwill Industries O.G.L. In 2015 Goodwill reopened the new program making it what we know today. Each client is able to have 1-hour consultations with trained Volunteer Fashion Assistants who help to select outfits for interviews. Biannually ClothingWorks also hosts a fundraising sale at the Horton street location, which is also headquarters for ClothingWorks. different texture of clothing on a rack


ClothingWorks thus far has had an incredible past and with this comes new ventures for the present. The ClothingWorks Blog is about to become your new source for inspiration, tips and all things fashion and business related. The blog will always strive to stay true to the heart of what we do at ClothingWorks, which is uplifting our community and helping each individual dress good to feel good. This blog will be a place of positivity and encouragement and strive to create a little light for each reader. This is a community so I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. If you ever have any topics or questions on style you would like to address, please feel free to comment down below.


This is such an exciting chapter and this is just the beginning! Alma