Back to Basics: Key Wardrobe Pieces

Have you ever found yourself looking at your clothes and feeling like it all lacks cohesion? Creating a wardrobe that is functional and can seamlessly transition you from work to home doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to just tweak your existing closet, here are some ideas that can make it an easier process.

The term capsule wardrobe might not be familiar, but it is the idea of having a curated collection of clothing items that all work together. It’s usually around eight to ten items but it can depend on the individual. The concept has been around for a while but it is especially popular when it comes to minimalism. Instead of having a cluttered wardrobe, it allows a sense of ease since everything works together.

a rack of blazers


If you are just starting out on creating a wardrobe, find a way that works best for you to visualize what you want out of your closet. Look on Instagram or Pinterest, watch some videos or look through some magazines. The more you see, the more you will figure out which styles you want to have in your wardrobe. After all fashion is about self expression and you always want your personal style to shine through. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have an incredible wardrobe. Keep an eye out for sales and the thrift store has amazing pieces that are unique and most often one of a kind.

capsule wardrobe


First before you start deciding what to buy, just look at your closet and evaluate it. (If you’re starting from scratch you don’t have to worry about this step) What is looking back at you? Your closet should be working with you and not against you. A great idea is to take everything out and try on all your pieces. How it hangs on your body verses how it looks on the hanger can be very different. If a clothing item is just is not working for you, it is time to just let it go. Don’t throw it out though, donating clothes to either ClothingWorks or Goodwill allows the clothes to live another life and prevents them from going to the landfill. By donating to Goodwill you help to give job opportunities to those in the community and continue all the amazing workshops at the Career Centre. If you want to learn more about the incredible work they do check out their donate page at . ClothingWorks uses donated clothes to outfit those entering the workforce for the first time or reentering the work force after some kind of absence. To see our mission check us out at .

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First you should start with the basics and realise what you need to make your wardrobe work for you and your lifestyle. If you work mostly outdoors your closet is going to look a lot different than someone who works at an office. The basic capsule wardrobe would contain: one pair of work pants, one pair of jeans, one skirt, one dress, one button down dress shirt, one t-shirt, one long sleeve top, a pair of shorts, one coat, and one nice sweater. This is the basic idea of what your wardrobe can be and then it can grow from there. Beware of impulse purchases, It can be easy to get in the habit of buying clothes that you have too many of just because its on sale. If you do want to go shopping know what you tend to overbuy and figure out what would actually grow your wardrobe’s variety instead of cluttering it with duplicates. Don’t forget about your shoes, shoes are a huge aspect of an outfit and they just pull an outfit together. Spend time on finding a few pairs that work for your lifestyle.

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Your wardrobe does not have to stay at eight to ten pieces, if you want to keep it at that, that’s great. This idea is great to go back to whenever you feel like your closet needs to be tweaked. Going back to the core can remind you of what you have and how you can make multiple outfits with less. If you have any comments please leave them below, I’d love to hear from you. Alma