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About Clothing Works

When looking for a job, making a strong first impression is critical during the interview process. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the resources or coaching to look their very best. That’s where ClothingWorks comes in.

ClothingWorks uses community support, such as donations of high quality clothing as well as the skills and time of dedicated staff and volunteers, to give job seekers clothing and confidence to make the best possible first impression with prospective employers.

Our Mission

Promoting economic independence of people by providing professional attire, a network of support and the tools to foster confidence and achievement in work and life.

Our History

Established in 1998, ClothingWorks has been a valued resource in the community, assisting over 10,000 individuals.  Hosted by Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes since 2014, ClothingWorks depends on the support of donors, volunteers and community partners.

How It Works

Refer a Job Seeker

Refer a Job Seeker

In order to refer a job seeker to the ClothingWorks program at Goodwill, your agency must be a referral partner. Not a referral partner yet? Please connect with us!

Schedule An Appointment

Schedule An Appointment

After the referral is made, please contact ClothingWorks to schedule your appointment with our style consultant. Call 519-850-9000 or e-mail

Meet a Style Consultant

Meet a Style Consultant

At the appointment, the ClothingWorks' style consultant will meet with each individual to discuss clothing needs, perform measurements, and present properly fitted items. The goal is to meet the style needs of the ClothingWorks participant, with our style consultant offering expert advice to boost each individual's presentation and improve job success.

Get Confidence to Succeed

Get Confidence to Succeed

The job seeker is now completely outfitted and will be able to go into the job interview or workplace with more confidence and make a better first impression.

How can you help?


There are currently 53 agencies across London, Strathroy and Woodstock that can refer to the ClothingWorks program at Goodwill.

Are you an agency partner that works with an individual who needs interview clothing?  Click here to make a referral.

Does your agency want to be a referring partner to ClothingWorks?  Please contact us.

Refer a job seeker


Interview clothing donations are always welcome to provide a constant flow of inventory to meet client needs.

Where to donate


On average, the cost to assist one person with the essential start-up necessities is $90.  Personal and corporate monetary donations to ClothingWorks are a great way to give someone a hand up, as opposed to a hand-out (taxable receipt will be issued).

Donate online


Placing clothing racks and signage at an event or office provides an opportunity for everyone to clean out their closets and support job seekers who need interview clothing.

Run a clothing drive


Investing your time is an excellent way to help ClothingWorks.  As one of our amazing volunteers, you might help with events, with donation drives, sorting and merchandising, or working with our clients as a volunteer consultant.

Be a volunteer

"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation."

Arthur Ashe

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A very big thank you to Jocelyn King at Curiosities Gift shop 174 1/2 Wortley Road, London, Ontario for another amazing donation! You are a true supporter and ongoing champion of of this wonderful community outreach program, hosted by Goodwill Industries O.G.L. Your donations will go a long way towards helping us to give job seekers the boost of self-confidence they need to succeed.

Thank You

Carol-Ann McIntyre

Program Coordinator

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